How do I exchange my points for money?
A. Points can be exchanged for Hilicoin cryptocurrency. You will need a crypto wallet key prior to doing this. There are many crypto wallet apps that you can use. A very good one is MetaMask.

How do I create a paid subscription for my content?
A. Create a private Group and set your monthly subscription price. Post your private content in your private group. Only subscribers to this group will be able to access your content.

How do I refer people to this website and do I get rewarded for that?
A. Yes you do get reward points for referring users to this website. You can access your affiliate area here.

What content can I share?
A. You can share any content you like. Please be aware that objectionable content or content that is considered \"Adult\" can only be posted inside a private group.

What are some of the unique features of Frushi?
1. Reward points for posting and referring new members to Frushi. Exchange your points for cash.
2. Create a recurring income from your private content.
3. Create pages for personal or business promotion.
4. Unique profiles.
5. No ads.
6. No data mining.
7. No censorship.