When you buy a Wataboard you buy a quality product and quality customer support team. If we have any design improvements you will receive any upgrades free of charge for up to 1 year. If you have any questions we are only a phone call or email away. Customer service is very important to us.

Hiya… More feedback.:-).. the wataboard is awesome…. so much fun… your product is something to be proud of. The steering nozzle adaptor works well. If anything it just seems to point downwards a little too much, wants to push the nose of the ski underwater. .. but for all intense purposes of getting out into deeper water before attaching the hose.. it does its job.. :-)Ian (New Zealand)
You guys are the best. Great service. Great support. Great product!Dave (USA)
Hi Mel, your wataboard was sooo much fun. My boys and I had a blast on the lake this weekend. Do you have a dealer in the New York area? I would like to explore the opportunity…Bill (USA)

The term flyboarding was coined after Frank Zapata brought to market the first version of the hydro jet board called Flyboard. Soon after, the sport of flyboarding caught on with extreme sports enthusiasts and has been growing year after year. We caught the bug as well but after using the Flyboard we were not satisfied. Sure, the flyboarding part was fun but there had to be a better, more affordable way to to get into the sport. This is where the journey to developing the Wataboard started. We knew that our product had to be of great quality yet very affordable.

We studied many versions of hydro jet boards. After a year of R&D we’ve developed a product that is on par with the other more expensive brands. By keeping our design simple and keeping some of our fabrication in-house we’ve managed to cut our manufacturing costs by 50% passing this saving to you.

Pro riders and weekend warriors will love this product!




  • Made in USA
  • Warranty: We give you 1 full year of no B.S. warranty.  If anything breaks we’ll replace it free of charge. We are based in USA so we are able to replace or fix anything fast.
  • Close center of gravity: We designed the nozzles to be 6 inches closer to the hose. This dramatically eliminated swaying and allowed for incredible performance and agility.
  • Counter rotating nozzles: Each nozzle can be rotated independently thus giving you the ability to do tricks that have never been done before.  An optional stabilizer bar can be placed between the nozzle platforms for newbies. Nozzles rotate on a double row of Delrin bearings, completely sealed, zero leaks.
  • Super smooth jets: You can feel the power under your feet. Cavitation has been virtually eliminated with our super smooth water redirection system.
  • Quick disconnects: We use simple camlock fittings just like firefighters do. They are reliable and work.
  • Tough construction: Each Wataboard is made from marine grade aluminum alloy. Anodized and coated with high temp powder coating.  All plastic parts are CNC machined from HDPE for incredible durability.
  • PWC adapter: We made one hose adapter to fit most jetskis. Converting your jet ski to Wataboard ready mode just takes 5 minutes.
  • Super strong clamps: We use double bolt clamps from Europe. These things are incredible. Your hose will never accidentally come off your wataboard.
  • Flexible U pipe: Hanging a hard aluminum U pipe on the back of your ski is not a good idea. You can easily bend your prop rod or blow up your pump (as we have) if your ski is bumped on the U pipe. So we designed a soft silicone pipe with reinforced ballistic nylon. It’s super strong and has excellent thrust redirection properties.
  • Universal jet ski adapter: We invented a simple solution to connect your hose to the back of your jet ski. It’s just one adapter to fit most jet skies. If you have a ski that needs a special adapter we will fabricate one for you at no extra charge but it will take up to 10 days to fabricate.
  • The Hose: Our hose is custom made with unique specifications. Everything about this hose has been optimized for the best riding experience. It is a premium quality, light weight hose, resistant to abrasion, chemicals and will operate in a broad range of temperatures. This hose offers extended service life even after prolonged storage. Because we designed our hose for maximum water flow volume your jet ski does not have to run at higher RPM as compared to our competitors. This actually yields in about 10% fuel saving over other hoses.

Counter rotating nozzles with optional lock
Highest thrust-to-weight ratio in the industry
High quality, large diameter hose
Lightweight design
Shockproof U pipe (prevent jet ski pump damage)
Improved center of gravity for quick and precise maneuverability
Made in USA
Awesome warranty and super fast service.
Simple low maintenance design

You will not be disappointed, guaranteed!

NOTE: You need a minimum of 130 hp jet ski to truly enjoy the Wataboard. Anything less than 130 hp will not lift you above water more than 10 feet. Because we highly recommend that you use bindings that fit you perfect Wataboard does not come with bindings. You can use any style of wakeboard bindings. Just make sure they fit you perfect. By purchasing any of our products you agree to our terms of use.